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The committed to plain English logo

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This logo is ideal if you are committed to using plain English but perhaps don't find it realistic to get all your documents or web pages approved. After all, so many documents are produced as web pages now, and pages appear and change all the time.

You can display the logo on your website and other documents so that people know you are committed to communicating with them in a clear and straightforward way.

Who can display the logo?

Any organisation that is committed to using plain English can display the logo. This applies whether you're just starting out on your plain English journey, or you already have most of your documents in plain English. We'll be on hand to support you if you want to use our editing or training services, or even if you just need some advice over the phone. The words 'working with the word centre' on the logo show that you have our support. It costs £1950 a year to display the logo.

What do I need to do?

We'll need to talk to you about what you are doing to encourage the use of plain English in your organisation. To start the ball rolling, please fill in the form on the right, email us or phone 0114 257 1400 and ask to speak to Dave Fox.

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