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Grammar and punctuation guide

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Customised guides for your organisation

It is very easy for us to supply customised guides to your own specification. This can be as simple as having your organisation's logo on the cover.

Or you can use the guides to get your own message across to customers or staff – perhaps because of a new customer-care initiative, or a drive for clearer communication. (You'd be amazed how many people aren't confident about grammar and punctuation, so the guides could be a valuable gift for your customers.)

Please ask us for more details.

Grammar and punctuation teach-yourself guide

Our teach-yourself guide will help you get to grips with all the important aspects of English grammar and punctuation.

Even people who spend most of their working day writing to colleagues, customers and prospective customers may be unsure about their own grasp of grammar and punctuation. They might not have had an English grammar lesson in their lives. As a result they may feel nervous when they write, or confused when their writing is corrected or rejected for no apparent reason.

Our 33-page, A4 guide looks at nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and answers questions such as 'is it ok to start a sentence with 'And' or 'But'?' and 'what is a split infinitive?'.

It also guides you through the main punctuation marks and their uses. There are lots of exercises along the way to test your new-found knowledge.

At the Word Centre we see many hundreds of business documents every year, either when we edit them or when people bring them along to our courses to get our feedback. We see the same mistakes over and over again. So this workbook concentrates on the grammatical and punctuation issues that we feel writers most need to know about.

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The cost

The guides usually cost £10.97 each, but there are generous discounts if you buy in bulk (use the calculator opposite to see how much you can save). All prices include postage and packaging:

10 to 20 copies = £9.97 each
21 to 100 copies = £9.50 each
101 to 500 copies = £9.00 each
501 to 1000 copies = £8.00 each
over 1000 copies = please contact us and we'll give you a quote.

You can also buy the guide as part of a bargain bundle with our plain English tips booklet and plain English phrase book.

Order your guides

If you are in the UK and ordering for your organisation you can order by email or phone and we will send you an invoice with your booklets. Just tell us your name, how many booklets you want, your organisation and the invoice address.

If you are outside the UK or are buying the guide for your personal use please order the downloadable version.

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