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The plain English certificate

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More about the certificate

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Our plain English certificate assesses you on documents you produce at work If you want your writers to build on their existing skills – perhaps after attending one of our courses – our plain English certificate is the next step. Or, if you’re a writer or editor, why not have your skills in writing and editing documents in plain English recognised?

How does the certificate work?

The great thing about the certificate is that you can be assessed on documents that you produce or edit as part of your everyday work. Our aim is to assess your ability to write or edit in plain English, so it doesn't matter what the documents are about. It's the written style we're interested in.

There are two stages to the plain English certificate:

You can take a break when you've achieved the foundation stage, before moving on to full certification. Or, if you want, you can just complete the foundation stage. You will still get a certificate from us saying that you have achieved the foundation stage.

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