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Plain English phrase e-booklet

our plain English phrase book will help you choose the right word for the job This e-booklet is an essential guide for anyone who wants to write in plain English. It's a bit like a dictionary or thesaurus, but gives plain English 'translations' for hundreds of complex or bureaucratic words and phrases. When you've developed a wide vocabulary it's difficult to keep your writing simple – yet if you don't, many readers will not bother to read what you've written.

Cost: Only £3.97. You can order here by credit card, debit card or PayPal, and we'll email you a user name and password so that you can download your booklet. You have two days to download your booklet. Then the pdf is yours to use for as long as you like. (Our refunds policy.)

The booklet comes as a portable document format (.pdf) file. To use the booklet you will need Adobe Reader. If you don't have this you can download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

Online version

The online phrase book gives plain English 'translations' for an even bigger collection of complex or bureaucratic words and phrases, plus lots of advice on how to use our suggestions. What's more, if you can't find the word or phrase you're looking for you can email us and we'll reply with our suggestions. Then we'll add the new information to the phrase book so that everyone can benefit. In this way the online phrase book will keep growing, becoming an ever-more-useful resource.

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